Who We Are

Cryptomnio provides a unified exchange API, acting as a secure trading gateway to cryptocurrency exchanges. This simplifies your access to liquidity in the cryptocurrency market and reduces your development overhead. Integrate your existing trading software and gain valuable insights testing with Cryptomnio’s historical and live market data. With our exchange health watcher you can stay apprised of exchange health and route your trading orders accordingly.

Established in Austin, Texas, and working in cryptocurrency since 2009, our team of software and network engineers is uniquely able to meet the needs of our clientele.

Who We Serve

The Cryptomnio toolkit is built for institutional traders and financial intermediaries who need to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges without the worry of keeping up with API development.


Sentence about exchange aggregation plus:

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Cryptomnio can be securely deployed on premises or available as a cloud-based SaaS integration.

We support trading on the exchanges shown here and are integrating new exchanges as they emerge into the larger marketplace.

We are developing our pilot for those interested in our software implementation program.

Please let us know what we might do for you.